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Dr Darryl Koch
Your Essex Junction Chiropractor

  • "Before I met Dr. Koch, I was in somewhat of a panic. My career and my passion is working with horses in the sport of dressage. An old injury (25 years old) to my hip flexor tendon had been causing increasing trouble and was threatening my lifestyle. I had seen medical doctors, tried drug therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture. Chiropractic was my last hope. Dr. Koch used Neuro Muscular Reeducation (NMR) and, to my amazement, it worked. I can now use my left leg in ways I haven't been able to for years. When he learned I was also scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery in February, he offered to see what he could do with that. Again, it worked. I canceled the surgery and am still fine."
    (58 year old female)
  • "I've seen Darryl for a terrible 'crick' in my neck that had me at my wits' end. He examined me, figured out precisely what the problem was, and gave me a course of treatment that brought me right back to 100%. As someone who thought I understood my body, I couldn't figure out what I had done to my neck. Immediately upon examination, Darryl had it figured out. The pain went away almost entirely, and he gave me improved mobility in my neck and it actually feels better now after a few weeks of treatment than before I hurt myself. I'll be back the next time I hurt myself."
    (33 year old male)
  • "I went to see Dr. Koch for the first time yesterday because I have been having severe neck, shoulder and lower back pain off and on for the past 6 months. I have to say that he was very thorough and I was impressed with how he explained what was going on with my muscles, joints and spine and showed me some simple stretching exercises to keep my muscles loose. To make a long story short, last night was the first night in a very long time where I actually got excellent sleep and did not wake up with a stiff neck and headache. Thanks again Dr. Koch."
    (33 year old male)
  • "My husband and I have both been seeing Darryl ever since he and his family moved to Vermont. He provides exceptional care and his treatments always results in a very pain relieving, "Ahhhh" afterwards! He is our first call when feeling under the weather and is an incredible resource for treatments of other conditions as well. We could not ask for a more genuine and kind chiropractor."
    Erica & Colin S
  • "Dr. Koch is great. He is very calming and makes a scary process (for me) relaxing. I have become a regular and can't wait for my next visit."
  • "I have had chronic pain from nerve damage and muscle spasms following an accident. I then received 3 cervical fusions, all since 1991. I have had, as per my neurosurgeon’s orders, well over 200-300 deep tissue massages in order to ease the tension in the muscles of my neck and back and have received treatment from at least 15-20 different licensed massage therapists. Without a doubt, Savannah Pettersen is in the top 1% for effectiveness in relieving my pain. Her massages make it possible for me to function on a daily basis. I would recommend her unequivocally. On top of all that, Savannah is also a wonderful, caring person."
    Armand N.
  • "As an injury prone marathon runner and triathlete, seeing Dr Koch regularly has become an important part of my training. He understands the needs and the body of an athlete; he offers stretches and suggestions to use in between visits, he recognizes the psyche of an athlete as well and knows when to suggest rest. The office offers CBD creams and products which I have found to beneficial for muscle pain and soreness. I also love that Dr Koch’s office has an on-site Massage Therapist, Savannah Peterson. Savannah is a knowledgeable professional. She knows which muscles need work and helps release those areas of tightness to potentially help prevent injuries before they occur. The combination of Chiropractic care and regular messages has helped me stay injury free and allowed me reach my goals! I recommend Community Chiropractic to athletes or anyone looking for relief from pain or injury."
    Melissa B.
  • "Savannah is an amazing massage therapist! I have been going to her for a year-and-a-half now. Having gotten massages for many years, I can say that Savannah truly is the best massage therapist I have ever had! I get deep tissue massages, and Savannah is so good at getting into those muscles and tissue! She is very knowledgeable about the body, the mind-body connection, and alternative treatments. What makes the experience even better is that Savannah is a very sweet, kind and caring person. She genuinely cares about her clients. I highly recommend her!"
    Erica M
  • "Darryl is a very skilled chiropractor. He has helped me a great deal with a chronic back problem over the last two years. Darryl is a very kind and friendly doctor who cares about his patients. His adjustments and traction really help to relieve my pain and increase my mobility. He is very knowledgeable and really knows what he is doing. I have learned a lot from him about my injury and how it relates to various muscles and joints and their function. I highly recommend Darryl as a chiropractor! Community Chiropractic is a great place, and I am so grateful for their services and treatments!"
    Erica M
  • "As I sit here right now stressing out at work and feeling the muscles in my shoulder tighten up, all I can think of is 'thank goodness I have a massage
    with Savannah tomorrow!' I've been a client of Savannah's for 4 years and she has treated me for everything from anxiety/stress to all of the usual sore muscles that come from sitting at a desk and working on a computer all day. I wish I could see her more often because my body feels rejuvenated and stress greatly dissipated after a massage. I can't recommend her enough"
  • "Dr. Koch has been our family chiropractor since he and his family moved to Vermont. I had not needed adjustments for almost two years. Our a month ago I had terrible leg pain, thinking it was a pulled muscle or maybe lack of exercise I tried stretching, icing, and pain relievers nothing worked. The pain became unbearable; I called and got in without any wait. It has been a slow recovery process, each time I see him there is improvement. I need to travel to Maine during the week and Dr. Koch referred me to a new chiropractor. He not only referred me but also sent a personal email explaining my situation. When I called Dr. Koch to say the new chiropractor could not fit me in for two weeks, he saw me on Saturday mornings while I was home. He and his family have gone beyond to provide exceptional care. His treatments have resulted in relief from sciatica and our family will miss his genuine and kind manner"


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  • "I've been to quite a few chiropractors in my day. Dr Koch is the best by far. I always leave feeling better than when I went in."
    David P